Caregiver Marketplace = $72 Billion Dollar Opportunity

The Program

“The Accelerator broadened our understanding of the target audience for Marvee, to best meet them where they are and to accelerate business traction.  The process, exposure and the ongoing relationships have been extremely beneficial.” ~Heidi Culbertson Founder of

This six week Pre-incubation virtual program is a hands-on workshop for founders to determine the viability of an idea or innovation with guidance from expert coaches and feedback from other founders using the curriculum from the Wendy Kennedy Institute (WKI). “So What, Who Cares, Why You” is a 150-page, roll-up-your-sleeves workbook and online resources.  Our expert coaches guide member companies to strip away all the jargon, acronyms, data and urge to focus on How,when the emphasis should on Identifying the problem, market, competitors, scalability, growth potential and money/financing.  Napkin drawing, Category Map, Market Fishbone, Segment Straw man, Go to Market are a few examples the WKI curriculum. What it is, why it matters and state your claim why YOU are the right company to execute solutions for the caregiving marketplace.

Costs Per Company

$500.00 (AARP Members receive $50 discount)  refundable upon successful completion of the program.

We Promise

Our Commitment to Founders

  • We will equip you with the So what? who cares? why you? toolkit to prepare your tools in advance of each session.
  • Coaching sessions are structured to be high value and results oriented. We will guide the sessions, but you as a Founder fuel the discussion.
  • We will coach, push and often provoke important conversations to help you work through tough issues.
  • These are working meetings, not training sessions – you’ll be actively engaging with classmates and revising your tools.
  • Upon completion, you will walk away with a roadmap showing the business and marketing plan. This can be packaged as a ten-slide presentation, summary document, or pitch statement.

What We Ask Of You

  • As the Founder, you will clear your schedule to attend each class meeting.
  • You will commit to the full program.
  • You will come prepared with drafts of your tools for the week’s scheduled topic.
  • You will actively participate in coaching sessions, becoming part of the “extended team” of other Founders in the room.
  • You will remain open to exploring feedback offered to you.