If you are working in the heatlhtech or caretech, you need to watch this event on Dec. 12.

Here’s a short list of participants that will discuss everything from caregiving policy to Hollywood movies to innovation.

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Issue areas that will be covered:
Family caregiving doesn’t discriminate by age, gender, or political ideology—it eventually touches every American family. NBC’s Chuck Todd will talk with Sens. Susan Collins (R-Maine) and Tammy Baldwin (D-Wisc.) about policies that work for family caregivers, including tax credits and the RAISE Family Caregivers Act.

What does family caregiving look like in the internet age? Can artificial intelligence help cut across geographic boundaries, economic barriers and even recipient conditions to help support family caregivers? The nation’s top tech leaders will look into the future at how developing technologies will provide real solutions for caregivers and consider the challenges that will remain out of reach of technology.

Savvy employers and human resource directors can see the future and are implementing smart policies and benefits to support family caregivers in their workforces—offerings that also help attract and retain strong employees. Some major employers are at the forefront of a sea-change that is making America’s workplaces better both for caregivers and employers’ productivity.

Everyone understands the importance of the doctor-patient relationship, but not everyone recognizes that family caregivers are a key part of the equation too. Healthcare providers and community and social service organizations are setting new expectations for including family caregivers in important health conversations and decisions, leading to better outcomes for patients, families, and providers.

Most family caregivers are not formally trained to provide care: they are often overworked and underprepared at one of the most emotionally taxing times of their lives. Supporting organizations like non-profits and government agencies can make some caregiving tasks easier by working together, leveraging others’ strengths, and reducing duplication.