Robot technology is making inroads into home care, and a new study suggests that older adults will embrace the innovations. From HomeHealtcare News:

The findings, published in the journal Assistive Technology, examined the attitudes regarding robotic technologies among people in the age ranges of 18-44, 45-64, and 65+ and found general agreement on their perceptions of the value of robotic technologies that could provide assistance in personal care, give medical advice and take vital signs.

The survey was completed by 499 people, 477 of whom provided their age. Adults in public places in the Seattle metropolitan area were invited to take part in the survey.

While younger people were more open overall to health care tasks being performed by robots, all the age groups reported similar sentiments for all the medical and domestic scenarios where robots could assist, the study found. Though there were statistically significant differences between older and younger adults on the usefulness of robots for such tasks as taking vital sign assessments, providing medical advice and assisting with personal care, the differences were not as stark in practical terms, the study said.

Download the study here.